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- Michael Vance

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Naughty Cats

#Naughty Cats #Crossstitch : I was too busy with my other food blogs. So I haven't updated here for a very long long time. But I never stopped doing cross stitch works.
This work has been finished by March 2013.

There are many types of cross stitches. This counted cross stitch is done on Bombay Dyeing Matty cloth.
Things Required :
Matty cloth
Anchor Skeins
Embroidery ring
The design layout

First mark the center of the cloth.
Start working from center to top and center to bottom.
It is also advisable to stitch with dark colors first.
Then go to lighter shades and white color.

The cloth has to be tightly fit on to an embroidery ring.
Usually the skeins have six threads together.
I used two threads throughout this design.

After finishing the work wash in soap water.
Dry in the Sun. Then neatly iron it with hot iron box.

I have not yet stitched border. I have to make borders to this work.