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- Michael Vance

Friday, February 18, 2011

Greeting Card - Thread Work 3

Thread work on card or embroidery on card or String art on card.
This is one of the best methods to utilize the invitation cards and wedding cards.
Some cards are blank on the front page and some have neat backside of the printed invitation.
These cards are suitable to do embroidery.

One more thing has to be seen before choosing a card to do this art.
The designs are made after pricking holes on these cards.
So the cards shouldn't be too thick card board or too thin like paper.

The top one I tried to bring Qutub Minar on card using embroidery.
The bottom one is threads spirographed on circular cards and then pasted on another card.

Things Required :
Old invitation cards
Embroidery silk thread
needle size 10 or 11
long needle to make holes in the card


  1. Hi All
    the first one : I tried to depict a Qutub Minar.
    How far it has come out!! You only have to say.
    The second one : I prepared circular corrugated cards. Then wound thread on those grooves to make patterns.
    Please post your FBs.